Academic and professional education

Professional Certifications

Professional Training in the Course of Energy Performance (15H) with the classification of 80/100%.

Professional Training in the Course of Measurements and Budgets (24H) with the classification of 93/100%.

Professional Training in the Course of Project Management (50H) with the classification of BOM.

Professional Training in the Course of Project Review: Audit and Verification of Project Quality (24H) with the classification of BOM.

Faculdade de Arquitetura da Universidade do Porto
Superior Degree in Architecture Licensing

Most relevant projects: student residence, multi-family housing, public equipment with auditorium and urban redevelopment plan for the city of Trofa; Architectural survey of 3 Renaissance chapels in Vila Viçosa.

Main disciplines: Design and Design, History of Ancient and Medieval, Modern, Portuguese and Contemporary Architecture, Construction and structural systems, Building materials, Construction pathology, Urban planning, Landscaping and Infrastructures.

Final thesis with the title "A Portuguese House from 1973-1981. A study to rehabilitate the thermal comfort of a single-family dwelling according to the principles of a Bioclimatic and Sustainable Architecture".

Final average of 14 (fourteen) values.

high school
Colégio Externato dos Carvalhos
Scientific-Technological Course of Arts and Graphic Industries

Technical training: History of Art; Design and Descriptive Geometry A; Theory of Design.

Specific training: Drawing and Practical Workshops (Atelier, Photomechanics, Photocomposition, Offset Printing); Introduction to Graphic Industries; CG; Communication Technology.

Final average of 16 (sixteen) values.