1. I intend to acquire a land for construction. What should I take into account?

There are many criteria for choosing a land:

  • LOCATION - the geographical area you want, access and surroundings
  • REGISTER - if you want to build, the land should be of the Urban type, if possible check if the land area coincides with the land register (building register and registry of the conservatory), and if it differs by 5% (according to articles n. 28, 3, and 28-A, letter b) of the Land Registry Code) require the updating of the areas
  • DIMENSION - check if you have the area you want
  • FRAMING - insulated, twinned, in drawer, of how many fronts, how many floors
  • EXPOSURE - solar orientation, exposure to wind, maritime proximity
  • PDM - consult the PDM (Municipal Master Plan) and verify the type of land use, the urban alignments among other references
  • BUDGET - € Land + € IMT + € Tax Stamp + €€ Writing = €€ Purchase

For more information use the Consulting service.