4. What projects are necessary for a building work?

The required projects, according to Portaria n.113 of April 22, 2015, are those of architecture and specialties, developed by architects and engineers, being:

    • General design with plants, sections, elevations, constructive details
    • Accessibility plan
    • Horizontal property plan (for collective building)
    • Plan of exterior arrangements (in extensive permeable areas requires a landscape architect - inquire the City Hall)
    • Cessation plan (if necessary)
    • Stability design, including excavation and peripheral containment
    • Project of building networks and sanitation
    • Rainwater project
    • Electricity supply and distribution project, when required, under the terms of the law
    • Gas installation project, when required, under the terms of the law
    • Telecommunications Infrastructure Project
    • Electrotechnical sheet
    • Thermal behavior study project in accordance with ordinance n.349-C of December 2, 2012
    • Issuance of PCE (pre-certified energy)
    • Design of electromechanical installations
    • Fire Safety Design or Safety Data Sheet
    • Acoustic packaging design

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