PORTO - Apartment House II

In Colaboration, Rehabilitation Project and Work Supervision, 2015-2017

Multi-family building composed of ground floor and 3 storeys, without elevator and 1 backyard. There are 6 typologies T0 - 1 duplex fraction, 1 floor fraction and 4 simplex fractions.

Typical façades, plastered with color finish, coated with thermo-painted profiled sheet, kambala wood frames with enamelled finish, double glazing, interior doors in enameled mdf, wrought iron guards recovered, restoration of masonry, balconies and cornices in yellow granite.

Typical roof, two-storey tiled marseille of natural color, recovery of skylight, cover structure treated pine wood, trusses with single hanger, struts and chicken leg. Ceramic covered terrace in patchwork pattern.



SOURCE OF IMAGES: http://www.facebook.com/pg/bgmconstrucoes